Market Research Advisory

An arch expands a space and provides support - this is what we do for our clients and their ideas.


  • Survey consulting services:

  • Market Segmentation Surveys
  • Pricing Surveys
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys
  • Key Performace Indicator (KPI) Surveys
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Outreach:

  • Small Business Surveys
  • Enterprise Surveys
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Focus Groups
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Data-driven Maps

  • Data Layers:

  • Unemployment by US County
  • Precipitation business hours
  • Population density
  • Company locations:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores

Public Data Collection

  • Data acquisition:

  • Business Locations
  • Time series trackers
  • Location audits
  • Customer foot traffic counting
  • Restaurant wait time tracking
  • Price and discount trackers
  • Inventory trackers
  • Product SKU availability

About Us

Arch Metrics

Since 2011

After 15 years in Financial Services, Bromley Dougherty founded Arch Metrics with the vision of using his research and compliance background and his experience with data analysis and visualization to help businesses refine investment and marketing strategies. His business background and creative talent has helped him to refine and develop innovations to data gathering. This research and work product has been serving the investment analyst community, and private equity community since 2011.

As an entrepreneur and Research Analyst, Bromley counts his service as an M1A1 Tank Driver for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as his most significant asset for any project. This experience provided a deep understanding that a powerful machine is most effective with discipline, honesty, teamwork and a clear mission.